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About Us

ABKO Labs is an ISO 17025:2017 accredited safety compliance facility licensed under the CRA to test cannabis for the Adult-Use and Medical markets.  We are dedicated to providing our clients with high touch service and high standards to ensure their success from seed to sale.

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Our high touch service includes but isn't limited to visiting our client's facilities to help them prepare for testing, helping them understand their results, and being a 

scientific resource.  In addition, clients are assigned an ABKO Labs team member that follows their samples through our entire testing process to keep you updated and alert you of any issues.  ABKO Labs also offers a range of preventative testing services to help our clients combat fungal and viral problems before they hurt the crop.  These high touch services provide our clients with the support they need to grow the best and safest cannabis.

Not only is ABKO Labs dedicated to having high testing standards, we are passionate about bringing standardized testing methods to the cannabis industry, where there currently are none.  Our lab director, Josh Smith, is a part of the method development committees of two internationally recognized scientific organizations, the ASTM and AOAC.  Having a lab director apart of these organization helps ensure that ABKO Labs is up to date on the most recent scientifically vetted cannabis testing methods.

Contact us or request an account to start testing with a lab that will give you accurate results in a timely manner and be there for you every step of your grow​​.